The reason why I am so happy all the time.

Optimism isn’t believing everything is great, “乐观”并不是指,相信一切都非常好  it’s believing that there is always will be a reason to be happy. 而是相信,一定可以找到一个理由,让自己开心起来 People wonder why I’m so happy all the time 许多人感到疑问,为什么我总是那么快乐  and take things in stride. 一切都能泰然处之 I’m an optimist through and through. 因为我是彻头彻尾的乐观主义者 I don’t just think everything is awesome. 我并不是傻乎乎的觉得每件事都好极了 I have bad days like everyone else. 我和所有人一样,也会遇到烦心事 However I always believe there will be reason to be positive 不过,我永远相信,一定有一个理由让我积极乐观起来 whether I’ve discovered it yet or not. 问题只是我是不是已经找到了它