官网:Armbian – Linux for ARM development boards


  • 全志 A10, A20, A31,H2+, H3,H5, A64 [3]
  • Amlogic S805
  • Amlogic S905
  • Actionsemi S500
  • 飞思卡尔/ NXP iMx6
  • Marvell Armada A380
  • 三星Exynos 5422
  • RK3288


  • Armbian使用重新编译的Debian Wheezy,Jessie或Ubuntu,它们可靠性极佳。
  • 安装映像降低到实际的数据大小。
  • root密码是1234。第一次登陆时你会被提示更改密码并创建登录用户。
  • 第一次启动需要较长时间(可能长达几分钟)比正常启动(20S)要慢。因为它需要更新软件包列表,获取SSH密钥和扩展系统以适应你的SD卡分区,而且它可能会自动重新启动一次。
  • 可以切换内核以适应其它系统。 [1]
  • 桌面环境可以升级准备。
  • 串行控制台启用。
  • 启用自动安全更新下载的系统。升级也可以通过apt-get等方法。
  • 默认在microUSB提供一个模拟的串口设备可以用来直接串口连接控制。


  • Beelink X2,
  • Orange Pi PC plus, Orange Pi Plus 2E, Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi 2,Orange Pi One, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi Plus 1 & 2,Orange Pi Zero, Orange Pi Zero Plus [4]
  • Orange Pi A20,Orange Pi mini A20,Orange Pi A31S,
  • Roseapple Pi,
  • NanoPi M1,
  • pcDuino2, pcDuino3, pcDuino3 nano,
  • Odroid C0/C1/C1+, Odroid C2,Odroid XU4,
  • Banana Pi M2+,Banana Pi, Banana Pi M2,Banana Pi PRO,Banana Pi Plus A20,
  • Hummingboard,Hummingboard 2,
  • Clearfog,
  • Lemaker Guitar,
  • Udoo Neo,
  • Cubieboard 1, Cubieboard 2,
  • Lamobo R1,
  • Olimex Lime A10, Olimex Micro, Olimex Lime 2, Olimex Lime 1,
  • Udoo quad,
  • Cubox-i,
  • Cubietruck
  • Phicomm N1

What is Armbian?

Armbian is a base operating system platform for single board computers (SBCs) that other projects can trust to build upon.

  • Lightweight Debian or Ubuntu based Linux distribution specialized for ARM development boards
  • Each system is compiled, assembled and optimized by Armbian Build Tools
  • It has powerful build and software development tools to make custom builds
  • A vibrant community

What is the difference between Armbian and Debian/Ubuntu?

  • Debian or Ubuntu officially do not support most of those boards/boxes. Armbian does.
  • Armbian userspace has many small but vital performance or security adjustments
  • Armbian fancy some kernel development and a lot of its maintaining. Debian relies on upstream sources for ARM hardware which can be years behind and/or lack of many functions
  • Armbian userspace is lean, clean but 100% Debian/Ubuntu compatible
  • Many stock Debian bugs are fixed on the way, “better than original :)”
  • The Armbian build system is a central part of this whole ecosystem. You can DIY. Debian is much harder.
  • Dedicated support forums per boards/boxes
  • Plug’n’Play vs. complicated install scenarios on stock Debian
  • unified development scenarios and user experience vs. mess of different setup instructions scattered all around


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