Scientific Graphics using Fortran


I recommend the PSPLOT package written by Mr Kevin Kohler ( The ready-to-use binary form of the library is available from:

The PSPLOT library is free to use for non-commercial purposes.


PSPLOT PostScript for Technical Drawings A free Fortran-callable PostScript Plotting Library Written by: Kevin E. Kohler

[Introduction] [Plotting Basics] [Subroutines] [Output Example: Black and White] [Output Example: Color] [Obtaining PSPLOT] Adobe PDF version of PSPLOT User’s Manual (324Kb) (下载使用手册,大小是324Kb) (courtesy of Rob Stewart)


URPOSE: CURVE draws a curve between two points, given the beginning and ending curve slopes.

SYNTAX: CALL CURVE (X1, Y1, X2, Y2, X3, Y3, X4, Y4, CONTIN)


X1,Y1 X,Y coordinates of the beginning of the curve.

X2,Y2 X, Y coordinates specifying the beginning curve slope. The initial slope of the curve is given by (Y2-Y1)/(X2-X1).

X3,Y3 X,Y coordinates specifying the ending curve slope. The end slope of the curve is given by (Y4-Y3)/(X4-X3).

X4,Y4 X,Y coordinates of the endpoint of the curve.

CONTIN Logical value. If CONTIN=.false. then the curve drawn starts a newpath; otherwise, the curve is appended to the current path.

Note: The curve produced by CURVE is not automatically stroked.

For example: