LCD屏官方说明文档:1.6inch SPI Module ESP8266 SSD1283A SKU:MSP1601 – LCD wiki

案例:Photometry displayed with a 130×130 pixel SSD1283A TFT screen and powered by an ESP8266 Wemos D1 mini – thesolaruniverse (

与Arduino相连的案例:Connecting a 130×130 pixel TFT display – SSD1283A controller to an Arduino – thesolaruniverse (

How to use 1.6 inch SSD1283A tft lcd module full tuturial – YouTube

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Connecting Colour LCD to NodeMCU ESP8266 (128×128) 7735 driver – YouTube

Multiple SSD1283A display on HW SPI – ESP32 Forum


Making animation from GIF files for TFT screen (ESP32 ,ESP8266 , Arduino) – YouTube


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