Galaxy DNA Song

Just remember you’re a tiny little person on a planet
In a universe expanding and immense
That life began evolving and dissolving and resolving
In the deep primordial oceans by the hydrothermal vents
Our earth which had its birth almost five billion years ago
From out of a collapsing cloud of gas
Grew life which was quite new
And eventually led to you
In only three point five billion years or less.

Deoxyribonucleic acid helps us replicate
And randomly mutate from day to day.
We left the seas and climbed the trees
And our biologies
Continued to evolve through DNA.
We’re 98.9 per cent the same as chimpanzees
Whose trees we left three million years ago
To wander swapping genes out of Africa which means
We’re related to everyone we know.

Life is quite strange
Life is quite weird,
Life is really quite odd
Life from a star is far more bizarre,
Than an old bearded man they call God
So gaze at the sky, and start asking why
You’re even here on this ball
For though life is fraught
The odds are so short
You’re lucky to be here at all…

Standing on a planet which is spinning round a star
One of just a billion trillion suns
In a Universe that’s ninety billion light years side to side
Wondering where the heck it all came from.
You’ve a tiny little blink of life to try and understand
What on earth is really going on
In biology and chemistry
Which made you you and made me me
But don’t ask me I only wrote the song.

Recorded Version
(c) Idle/Du Prez, Python (Monty) Ltd.



Brian Cox(生于1968年3月3日)是一位物理学家,他有两份工作:一是在欧洲粒子物理实验室里研究大型强子对撞机,二是向公众解释深奥的科学。他是曼彻斯特大学的教授,并在瑞士的欧洲原子核研究委员会研究革命性的强子对撞机项目。

他是一位聪明绝顶的物理教授,在80年代也曾玩乐队出唱片,既迷人又幽默,而现在他是 BBC 主持人,你也知道,“ BBC 出版,必属佳片”,以绝妙逗趣的方式解释科学家探索宇宙奥妙和各种自然现象的产生,这和 Discovery 的老生常谈是完全不同调性的,反倒是和“流言终结者( Myth Buster )”的性质挺类似的,只是主持人变的更聪明,我们欣赏的不就是那种拥有知识经验得来的自信吗?

他说:“我总是在 Pub 里,都快打烊了我还在滔滔不绝的大谈黑洞话题…然而有一次颁奖典礼中,我坐在节目主持人 Dara O Briain 旁,看到他在写薛定谔( Schrödinger )的方程式…(笑)。”


他的 Twitter: @ProfBrianCox




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