Love’s Secret

——By William Blake

Never seek to tell thy love, 别急着把你的爱吐露,

Love that never told can be; 爱情不可说;

For the gentle wind doth move 因那柔风的吹动是

 Silently, invisibly. 默默地,悄无声息地。

I told my love, I told my love, 我告诉我的爱人,我告诉我的爱人,

I told her all my heart, 我告诉了她我全心的爱,

 Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears. 颤抖着,全身冰凉,深深地恐惧着。

Ah! She did depart! 唉!她真的就走了!

Soon after she was gone from me, 她才刚离开我,

A traveller cane by, 一个行经的旅人,

Silently, invisibly: 默默地,悄无声息地:

He took her with a sigh. 在叹息中带走了她。