Build a PRO FPV Racing Drone for ONLY $99 Full guide – 2018 UAVFUTURES $99 Build


Step by step guide showing you how to build an AWESOME FPV racing drone for around $99. This build is SIMPLE, CHEAP and most of all results in a crazy fast FPV racing quadcopter with awesome performance at an even better price. IMPORTANT. enjoy the videos and want to support UAVFUTURES . head to every bit helps us make more content for you.

GIVEAWAY details at bottom of description after component links.

PARTS – things usually sell out after I make videos on them so I linked a ton of extra components below that people can use if something sells out.

Pro Build
Frame –
SC/FC combo –
Motors – 2600kv –
also think about upgrading to the nice matek vtx to go full PRO –
Camera –
Props –

BASE Build
Frame –
ESCs –
Flight controller-
Motors DYS $10 –
Motors cheap version but get the samguks VTX –
Camera –
Props –

IMPORTANT I know things sell out, A LOT and people might want other parts so there are some other links to new parts below. All of which will be great to build with.

Other frames Martian – Transtec frog – Liberalist – TBS source1 – Diatone GT – LSX5 – Rooster –

MOTOR CHOICES Samguk Wu series – Samguk Shu Series – Samguk Wei Series – Cheap Racerstars but really spend a tiny bit more and get the samguks

OTHER ESCS 4 in 1s Racerstar 35 amp bl heli S – PG 50 amp 32 bit – Racerstar Tatto 25 amp – RS 20 amp –

individual escs RS lite 35 amp – Hacrc 35 amp – RS 20amp – RS m series 35 amp –

combo ESCs with FC built in tattooF4 – Starf4- DYS stack –

F4 Flight controllers DYS F4 – HakRc – Matek – DalRc- Speedybee –

Other FPV Cameras Caddex micro – Micro Arrow v2 – eagle 2 – Foxeer Falkor –

Other VTXS tx805 – Stealth – black knight – matek vtx-

Props Avan Flows – king kong – Cyclone – 4blade RS –

Antennas – pagoda – aomway omni – Aomway stick – UXII –

FPV GOGGLES Aomway Commanders – Viper goggles –

DRONE RADIOS QX7 – X-lite – i6 –

MAKE SURE IF YOU ENJOYED THE VIDEO TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THE NOTIFICATION BELL OFFICIAL GIVEAWAY RULES 1. To enter for the “base version” Watch the video and leave a comment about either a) what you like or enjoyed about the build OR b) leave a comment detailing how this might help get others flying 2.To enter for the “PRO version” Leave a meaningful “reply” to someone else’s comment, offering advice, opinions or helping someone out. (meaningful means more than 2 sentences) 3. Open to everyone, but winner might pay shipping depending on where you live. 4. I will leave a comment on your most recent video, and also link your channel as the winner on our discord server. here – 5. winners will be chosen with a random comment picker but must fulfil rules 1 and /or 2 to be valid. 6. youtube is in no way affiliated with this competition. YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest and I release YouTube from any and all liability related to this contest.…


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