INAV6 相比 INAV6 有不少改变,最大的两个改变如下:


针对root后的大疆天空端,在端口选择界面,不能再选择“HDZero VTX”了(没有这个选项),这里要选择“MSP Displayport”,如下图:




set nav_extra_arming_safety=OFF


set nav_extra_arming_safety=ALLOW_BYPASS

这里的 ALLOW_BYPASS 据INAV 手册(点我移步查看),相关文字解说如下:

When armed, the aircraft is ready to fly and the motors will spin when throttle is applied. With multirotors, the motors will spin at a slow speed when armed (this feature may be disabled by setting MOTOR_STOP, but for safety reasons, that is not recommended).

Arming and disarming is done using a switch, set up on the modes page. (NOTE: Stick arming was removed in INAV 2.2)

YAW STICK ARMING OVERRIDE: Arming is disabled when Nav modes are configured and no GPS lock is available or if a WP mission is loaded but the first WP is farther than the nav_wp_safe_distance setting. This Arming block can be bypassed if need be by setting nav_extra_arming_safety to ALLOW_BYPASS and moving the Yaw stick to the high position when the Arm switch is used. This bypasses GPS Arm blocking pre INAV 4.0.0 and both GPS and “First WP too far” Arm blocking from INAV 4.0.0.



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